Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ehécatl World Premiere....................................... ......................................... A Fundraiser for Butterflies en Mexico, A.C

Photographs by Mike Bell, Michele Bell & Fco. Nava

As is the case with most wonderful things in this existence, our puppet theatre started
as a playful idea between friends.  Izel, Coyolli and I were playing with discarded 
puppets they had been gifted from a theatre in Guadalajara.  We said "wouldn't it be
wonderful to put on a performance?"  And here we are, 2 years later...opening with 
the world premiere of Ehécatl.

 El Jaguar meets Ehécatl

Local artist, Julie Mignard, was brought in to paint the faces of the players 

Our performance would not be complete without Fabiola, Coyolli and Izel

Co-Producer Enaj with Vocational and Fundraising Committee Member, Leslie Kingsbury 

Coyolli's River/Snake was a hit!

Working hard...Mike Bell and Kristina Trejo rehearse.  Our live musical accompaniment 
was integral to the heart of the play 

 Our bartending crew: Jose, Arturo y Juan

Our beautiful and so delicious food was catered by Ruben Olivares Valdivinos of Chapala

Friends gathered and met new friends 

Julianna Rose peopled our Butterflies en Mexico information table

 The musical stylings of Kristina Trejo were heard throughout the afternoon

 Mike Bell and Mac Whyte take a moment to connect

  As Tlaloc sleeps, Ehécatl tries to wake him

 Ruben Olivares' staff could not have been better (or cuter)!

Patrice Haydel holds court on the terraza

 As in all great tales, they lived happily everafter


 Our crew takes a breather

Stephany Andrews greets our guests with a smile

 The house was full and attentive

 Our guest with Michele Bell, photographer

 At the end, we took a moment to toast, reflect...

 ...and to celebrate

Mike Bell and Bernadine Jantzen take a selfie

  Even the Escuincle took a bow

 Our videographer, Mike Bell

The house (chapel) fills for the performance

Visiting friend, Michele with colleague Jennifer Stanley

The ladies of the terraza 

Jennifer and Francisco have a moment

 Brad Mowers and Bernadine Jantzen reconnect


The girls take a break

 The beautiful estate of Leslie Martin was our backdrop

 Dear friends Fco. and Cynthia Du Bois

Bernadine explains to our Restaurant Apprentice, Juan one of our
other Butterflies en Mexico programs 

 Hostess Leslie Martin and friends

Ruben Olivares and his staff took over the kitchen and created magically beautiful
and delicious food

As with all wonderful tales, the ending was a happy one.

We'd like to thank our generous hostess Leslie Martin for the use of her chapel and lovely
home, Enaj L'Hommedieu, all the volunteers for their undying energy and attention,
our Butterflies en Mexico, A.C. committee members, our vendors Ruben Olivares Valdivinos,
Paz Liquor, our bartenders, valets & Kristina Trejo.


LB Hamilton, Dana Douin
Leslie Martn, Fco. Nava

Abril Iñiguez, Fabiola Paz, Izel Paz
Coyolli Paz, Fco. Nava

Kristina Trejo

Paper Art:
Ana Ceja Reyes

And lastly, we'd like to thank all of you for joining us on our journey
towards making this beautiful place even better!

It truly does take a village and we live in a most amazing and magical one.



Note:  The Teatro CoyolliIzel will be heading out on the road to bring Ehécatl 
and new works in Spanish to the towns around Lake Chapala, free of charge.

Look for our next production, based on the theme of Water, around town.